Infinity Assessment & the IB

Students will be assessed individually and as Teams within each of the eight subject groupings of the Infinity Baccalaureate. We will take as a starting point the International Baccalaureate to develop our Infinity Standards for domain/subject specific knowledge, understanding and skills. 

Ongoing assessment will be shaped by the Standards and by criteria collaboratively constructed between leaners, advisors, educators and parents.

The below outlines the subject groupings and provides a link to the existing IB assessment areas for each domain.

Language and Literature: which will include, at the very least, listening, viewing, presenting, speaking, reading and writing, and literature of different periods and genres. (Language and literature)

Mathematics: which will include, at the very least,  number, algebra, geometry and trigonometry, statistics and probability and discrete mathematics, plus the language and history of mathematical thought. Competency within standard mathematics will enable access to Extended mathematics. (Mathematics)

Sciences: which will include both an integrated and individual approach to the sciences covering biology, physics chemistry, computing and astronomy. (Sciences)

Language Acquisition: which will include German, French, Spanish with scope for additional languages and community languages as the school grows. (Language acquisition)

Individuals and Societies: which will include, at the very least, the subjects geography, history, economics, global politics & international relations, sociology, religious studies, philosophy and ethics. (Individuals and societies)

Design: which will include, at the very least,  a balance between three key areas of digital and product design courses addressing systems, information and materials. (Design)

Arts: which will include, at the very least, drama, visual arts, dance and music. (Arts)

Physical and Health Education: which will include physical education, sports, adventure activities, wellbeing and food & nutrition. (Physical and health education)