Infinity Education

An Infinity Education enables all learners to become proactive, ethical and collaborative participants within their diverse global community, possessing a capacity for a lifetime of liberated learning. 

Driven by our Mission & Culture and our Vision for Education, we have applied our 4 design principles,

Principle 1: A Common Intellectual Mission  

Learning will be central, encourage engagement, and will be where learners come to understand themselves as active self-regulated learners, individuals and members of a community. By ensuring that learning is social in nature learners will engage predominantly in collaborative problem design and problem solving. This will ensure that learning is demanding for each learner but without excessive overload.

Principle 2: Personalisation

By being acutely sensitive to individual differences, including prior knowledge, we will promote voice, choice and ownership over all aspects of a learner’s development. The curriculum will be highly attuned to learners’ motivations and the importance of emotions and wellbeing.

Principle 3: Authenticity

The products of learning will be authentic, real and of benefit to an ever wider community, beginning with the individual learner. The curriculum will promote horizontal connectedness across activities, areas of knowledge and subjects; in- and out-of-school.

Principle 4: Educator as designer

Working within interdisciplinary teams, educators will have the creative freedom to lead the development and delivery of the curriculum. Leadership of learning will ensure high degrees of accountability, responsibility and creativity.

to create a robust, dynamic and innovative approach we call an Infinity Education. From this we have derived our Distinguishing Features to summarise what makes an Infinity Education different from existing models of teaching and learning. 

The images below will guide you to a more detailed outline of what makes an Infinity Education. 

Image 4
Infinity Schools Mission & Culture
The Infinity School’s Vision for education
Untitled drawing-2
Infinity School’s Design Principles
Infinity Schools Distinguishing Features


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